“Keeping Balance and Staying in Harmony”

Hi Amazing World!

Have you every seen anything like a film, or a video, or a movie, or might have read something that actually made you think about your life or your overall presence in the world on a deeper level?

Well, recently I have seen a documentary named “Home” which tells the whole story about our planet Earth and its whole existence from day one, which was about 4 billion years ago, until present day. A lot of focus was made on the fact that everything that existed on the planet (before the human beings started living here) used to be in a complete harmony with each other and with the nature itself. What struck me most was that the humans, or what we are pleased to call Homo Sapiens, appeared on the planet around 200.000 years ago only, which is a rough approximation but still. However, in spite of that young (in comparison with the planet itself) age, the humans managed to destroy the whole balance that used to exist on the planet. What is meant by balance? The balance of the ecosystems,  the world of animals and our coexistence within this picture, and this is clear just by looking at all the climate change and the consequences it has been bringing to the planet. But if we look deeper into the reasons for that very climate change? The massive development and growth of the factories, plants, heavy machinery and a skyrocketing growth of the cars on the roads. On top of all that, the unbelievable rate of deforestation that happens due to the farm creation, and all because of the need to feed the world with the animal products. But after all, is it that the world is fed with those products or just a small bit of it, presently called developed and wealthy countries and regions?

I put the name “Keeping Balance and staying in Harmony” to this post and just wanted to share that one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life – was to become a Vegan. I understand, that one person cannot change the whole world, but I do know for a fact that everything starts with one person. I do know that this kind of life style helps you to stay in that very harmony in the world. As they say, start from the world around you first, and then things start changing on a bigger scale. I live being a vegan and I know that whatever I am doing does no harm to the outside world. The environment? Yes, I am protecting by just living a sustainable life style. The Animals – yes, I am not doing anything to harm them, but only protect them, and that’s why it is so easy to say that I actually “love” them, and I really mean it.  And finally, I am feeling absolutely healthy and fit and in this way I keep my own balance, which eventually helps to bring the outside balance. Well, I would say that that if many of us had an opportunity to experience this, that same balance that has been almost destroyed, would still have a chance to get restored. After all, we are just guests here on this planet, we come and go, why then would we ruin the place that was so nice to us providing everything necessary for being able to live?

Full of Inspiration,



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