“How To Know You Made The Right Decision”


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Decisions, decisions, all our life seems to be filled with decisions that we have to make. Sometimes you really wish you could take some special course on decision making. When we were kids, we didn’t really have to worry about what the best thing and the best way is to do. As we were growing up, the heaviness of making decisions started to dawn on us. And the older we were getting, the more we felt the importance of making the right decision. There are some people who don’t hesitate while deciding what and how to do, however there are those for whom this process can be a nightmare, especially when there are more than just 2 options to choose from, or when it involves and impacts more than just you in the outcome of your decision, or when it comes to something important which might turn your life 180° around. 

Making a decision is, in a way, a psychological process, which, I would say, involves our mind or using our reason, and intuition. As far as mind is concerned, this is when all the related to it operations come together to help you to make the “right” decision. Those are the logical comprehension of the reality or in other words, the rationale, further it comes to the past experience awareness and, and finally, what they call, “this is how others would do”, or to put it in a different way, “we need to do what is commonly accepted and would not cause others to ask questions and point fingers at you just because you did something different”. Now, this is something that has to do with using our reason.
But there is also intuition, the ability to comprehend and act on the reality without the use of reason. Quite often intuition is understood as instinct and sixth sense, or truth, or belief, you name it. There are still discussions going on regarding this aspect. From my perspective, intuition is something that comes from within and has nothing to do with logical interpretation of the events, neither it has anything to do with their analysis. Intuition is like a kick from the inside, kind of short and fast I would compare it to an electric wave that goes from somewhere in your guts (that’s why they call it also a “gut feeling”) straight to your mind to “tell” you what to do. Whereas, previously it was the other way around – like this is how it is supposed to be done for this and that reason and then just deal with that, even when something inside of you tells you, or whispers, or even screams at you, that this is not what needs to be done.


And here is a question for you, have you ever had this “gut feeling” that sounded kind of like advice in terms of which decision to make? Did you listen to it or ignore, thinking that it was rather your mind playing tricks on you? And if you actually listened to that inner voice, did it turn out to be one of the best decisions you could have taken?

Well, this is all just contemplating on all this decision making process. However, I would rather share with you my personal experience as I believe all those real life stories are far more powerful and also interesting at times than just a theoretical discussion.

Like anyone else out there, I have had to make hundreds of decisions, and here I am talking more about difficult or life-affecting decisions rather than everyday ones like deciding what to have for lunch. To cut a long story short, 5 years ago I decided to become a Vegan. For those, who are not very familiar with the concept of Veganism – being a Vegan is excluding all possible animal products from your life. It comes to food (not consuming meat, dairy, eggs, fish and all subsequent products), clothing (not wearing anything that comes from animals like leather, fur, semi leather, etc), cosmetics (not using anything that used animal products while producing it and also whatever has been tested on animals), entertainment(not supporting any entertainment events like horse racing, elephant riding, circus, etc), helping to reduce animal cruelty as well as stray animals, etc. I think you see what I am trying to say here – this is heck of a turning the whole life around especially for those who were used to doing the opposite from “vegan” related lifestyle. And I don’t mean to say that those who are used to a different lifestyle are bad or cruel or selfish people, not at all. I myself used to be like that, but the only reason why I was that way – because I was ignorant regarding animal related issues. It never occurred to me to think  where the meat really comes from and what kind of “holocaust” animals have to go through before we actually have a piece of steak or chicken on our plate. It never occurred to me that going to the circus is supporting incredible animal cruelty and torture, while we are just laughing at how those cute animals are dancing and playing around on the circus arena. I would never think that that latest famous perfume that smells so great was actually tested on animals and they were forced to suffocate in the cage just to see how toxic that perfume may be for humans. And the list goes on and on. This is called ignorance as I had not been exposed to that kind of information. Until one day. Almost 5 years ago I accidentally heard one celebrity, Jared Leto (the leader of the “30 Seconds to Mars” band and an Oscar winning actor) giving an interview, and he mentioned something about being a Vegan. At that time I thought that Vegan must be just a short word from Vegetarian. But anyway, I looked it up and this was when I found out about the difference. Somehow I came across a video “Meet your Meat”, a short one, but it managed to show the whole reality of animal exploitation in order to obtain their meat, leather, etc. This was enough. The severity of the reality just dawned on me and with all my heart I knew that there was no way I was going to contribute to this cruelty. That same day I told myself and others that from that day I would be a Vegan. Most of those around me thought it was a joke and something not really serious, and after a couple of days of practicing this “cult” as some would say, I would “go back to normal”. Which has never happened until this day and moment when I am sharing my story with you guys. My life has become so much better, I have lost a lot of weight, believe it or not, I lost 15 kilos within half a year after stopping consuming animals’ products. I am feeling amazing in terms of the environment as I know that whatever I am doing, brings only a positive impact on the environment, and on the top of all that I know that my life style saves quite a number of animals out there as well as spreads awareness.

So, back to square one, did that decision to become a Vegan come from long thinking and logical analysis? Was that a decision that fit within the common sense and what was accepted by others around you as normal? Was that a decision based on the past experience and how people used to do stuff for years, if not centuries? The answer to all these questions is NO. It came purely from my heart, from within, something that felt instantly was so right after I watched the video, even though it was going against the “society created” dogma, and against the beliefs of the loved ones and the rest of the world.  It did not and does not matter. I felt it was right in terms of my own existence and the existence of the voiceless on this planet, and I made a decision and I made up my mind to stick to it. And eventually, those are only benefits that I keep reaping until today.

This was just an example of one of the most important decisions in my life, and I am talking about something you decide to do and you stick to it, you really are dedicated to it. And there could be hundreds of examples from your experience or those you know around you. 

I would say, never hesitate to do something that you feel is right. Not what others preach and believe, not what you think is right because maybe this is the way it used to be or the way that is normal, or the way others also think is normal. Listen to Yourself, don’t let those inner signals pass by, for the more you ignore them, the deeper they go, that you eventually won’t be able to hear anything at all. Be in touch with your feelings not just your logical thinking.

“Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself.”

Full of Inspiration, 




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