“Everything Plays Its Part, Just Notice.”

Hi, Amazing World!

Has it ever occurred to you that throughout life we get to meet an incredible number of people and most of them play this or that role in what we are now?

The other day I came across a small article that gave a brief description of how many people we end up meeting in our lives. So, imagine that people live about 78 years (that is on average all around the world) and normally, we start remembering the ones we meet after being 5 years old. Consider that in cities we have a chance to meet at least 3 people on a daily basis, which eventually makes up 80,000 people in a lifetime! Now, obviously not all of us get to get to know them well and solemnly sign them up in their friends list or even acquaintance. However, the chances are still there.

On the other hand, there are also thousands of the so called “passers-by” in our lives, the ones that we see on the way to work, or while being on the bus, or being stuck in the traffic jam and just “browsing” around. Those people are there just to play a role of a brief non-interacting encounter, but still carrying its purpose. They might be there  just to attract your attention. Why? It could be that by looking at them you remember something that is important in your life, it could be that by seeing how cheerful they are while talking to someone or listening to the lyrics and singing along, they remind you to smile and take it easy, it could be you watch them showing their kindness to a stray animal or a homeless person, which may remind you that showing kindness costs nothing to you, but gives so much. Or maybe, seeing how angry or stressed they are you think that this is not what you want to be, which eventually reminds you to take it easy and smile again.

The bottom line is that, in my opinion, nothing happens for no reason. There always must be something behind every encounter, any conversation, any question you are asked, and if you pay attention, it could really help you to be more appreciative and even get the answers that you’ve been looking for so long.
We can learn from anything and we can learn something new from everyone. The truth is such that nothing is forever. Sun rises and sets, and then it rises with a new power and energy, but now the same as it used to be the day before; seasons change, even though there still might be the same number of them, but they are not the same as the previous year, and this pattern applies to everything. Appreciate and take note of everything  while it is still there, don’t take it for granted, but learn from it. And so comes to people, whether they become your close friends or part of the family, or just brief encounters – they all have something to show you and something to remind you of.

“Pay attention to everything. Take nothing for granted. Notice all the details, for they give your life color, meaning and beauty.” 

Full of inspiration,



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