“Catching the Positive Vibes”

Hi Amazing World!

You know, every day when I wake up I try to remember to think about something that can inspire me for the day ahead. And I know as much as you know that it is not always easy to do something like that, especially first thing in the morning. And further as the day unfolds, most of the time and most of us just get caught up with the “stuff” that keeps us completely distracted from what really matters. There is this one thing I started noticing recently, in particular, when I am on the way to work  at the crazy early hectic hour in the morning. So, what is it?.. Well, this is the fact that most people I see, I would say like 90% of the ones I encounter along those streets as well as in the crowded subway, are totally absorbed in their draining thoughts (at least this is what it looks like by looking at their faces!), or they are completely preoccupied with the phones. I am sure this is not big news, and I bet quite a few of you out there noticed the same thing, or maybe you are one of them, hmm…?
I gotta tell you, whatever I see is not a happy picture at all. Where is that spark in the eyes, where is that lively energy that should radiate from within, where is that excitement about the day? I understand that not all of us are going to go around and smile at everyone to show how happy they are, although some just might do that (I am one of them, every once in a blue moon lol) After all, if you do that in some of the countries, including in my native country of Belarus, people around you would think you went nuts! Seriously! But again, I am not talking about that. Still, you can always tell whether someone is full of energy or totally absorbed in just another day of that daily routine. And then, you get outside from that packed full of rushing people subway, and again everyone is rushing, running, pushing, and keeping the head down, you may guess why! The reason for that “down” distraction is the touchscreen friend – the phone. As sad as it is, this has become a reality. If before at least you would be able to have some eye contact with strangers or other passers-by, see an occasional smile – this has become a history. People are avoiding the eye contact, it is like the virtual world has become their reality, and they are so into it that they forgot how to face the real people and the “real reality”.
And then, having observed this and again shaking my head in disapproval (at the same time kind of laughing because I just reminded myself of some old ladies sitting in the park and discussing everyone and everything walking past them lol)…. I look around and I see the bright Sun shining  in the light blue morning sky, I hear the birds singing their songs or just tweeting (notice, that this is not the online social media Tweeter, can you hear the real “tweeter”, that’s the point), I see the trees, some of them having white and pinkish flowers, and others just having that specific natural design of the leaves…..and then I think “How come that people do not notice that? This whole beauty and sort of peace (I am not talking about packed with traffic roads) is just around us, so much available to us, it is free, just pay attention! And the bottom line is that you see it and thoughts like those day-to-day petty problems at work or school, or someone said something, or looked somehow at you that might have made you feel not at ease…all of this fades away, because you just realized or, in fact, you just reminded yourself that world is so much bigger than that, and it is not worth stressing yourself.
So, going back to square one, even if you were not able to set yourself in a great and positive mood when you woke up and started the day, don’t succumb to the typical mindset filled with negativity and routine and automatic actions throughout the day. Pay attention to the beautiful things around you, be grateful for what you have and what you see, deliberately pay attention to the nature that surrounds you because it has some of the most amazing creations. Be open to it and let it make you smile, let it make you feel good and let it inspire you.
Life is meant to be explored, discovered, and enjoyed ~

“Those who find beauty in all of nature, will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself” 
~ L. Gilbert

Full of Inspiration and Excitement about the coming day,



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