“Live The Life Worth Living” ~ In memory of Paul Walker

How many times have you heard the expression “Live the life worth living”? And how often have you actually given it a thought?

The other day I watched a movie that has probably been one of the most talked about recently, “Fast and Furious 7“. That very last part of the Fast and Furious franchise literally stormed out around the world making even those who had never been into that story line go and see this last part. Paul Walker, the late actor and the star of F&F is most likely to be the main reason for this huge  success in the film industry. Although I may only guess other people’s thinking and what eventually makes them do this or that, however, with certainty I can only speak for myself. Even though I have never been into that movie sequence, however, I was quite eager to go and see this film. My interest was sparked by Paul Walker and the life he had lived. It is kind of paradoxical, that only when a person is gone, it becomes even more obvious that he had played quite a big role in positively contributing to the world. I would say, this paradox is under the umbrella of “You don’t know what you have until you lose it”. Once I learned more about the late star, I realized that he had been living his life that was truly worth living. There are lots of people in the world who manage to bring in contribution or who may become role models in a way and who eventually leave this world being remembered by millions. Paul Walker seems to be one of them, and since he has become quite a talk lately, I also decided not to miss the opportunity to say something.

For many, life is perceived just to be alive, which is to be able to move, to do something day in and day out, or in other words, to exist and find the means to exist. In this case, there is no room for entertaining thoughts like doing something that you really love doing, something you are truly passionate about and living for a cause.. People whose life is rather characterized as existence, eventually are prone to depression, losing interest in life, there is no sign of excitement about the coming day, there is no spark in their eyes, and they would normally repeat the words that seem to become their leading rule “Life is tough, life is hard, life is a struggle, etc.” The truth is when you don’t do something out of your pure interest and love for it, if you don’t do something out of passion or for a cause, then, obviously, whatever you are going through becomes even harder and less enduring just because you see no point as it is not making you happy at all, whatever the result would be. This could be simply not your cup of tea, as all your life you have been dreaming of doing something different, but due to some circumstances, you simply gave up on that idea.
Think in a different way then – when you do something that you are absolutely passionate about, something you just cannot imagine not doing in your lifetime, and on the top of that if it contributes to the well being of others, then there is no way you will ever feel bored and disappointed with your life, even though the obstacles will be there, the hard times will be there just because this is the way it is. There has to be a balance, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, and so on. Think about it in this way – without some sad moments, how would you be able to feel and appreciate the happy ones, as everything is relative. So, going back to those tough times that you might be facing when doing something you love or something you dedicate your life to – you don’t really get discouraged when you face them, just because you believe and see the end result and how big of a positive impact it will eventually bring to you and  those around you. You will not step back in the face of disappointments because you put all your passion and love, all your aspirations and dreams into is, and therefore you are doing your best. And even if you haven’t reached the perfect result at the end, you know there is no way you would have done something different instead, you would still do what you love to do.
When you picture yourself at the end of the road called life, do you think you will be happy just because you had a safe ride going the standard route that most people take just for the sake of getting through it and reaching the destination? Or you would actually regret not doing what you always wanted to do somewhere deep within you, trying something out, maybe you wanted to be more adventurous, or maybe you wanted to escape that society dogma and live the life that would allow you to open up your true potential? All these thoughts would be crowding your mind with a penetrating pain of realizing that there is no more time left and there is no way to turn everything around to start anew.

It is worth analyzing where you are right now and where you are heading. We never know when the time comes to an end, but what we do know and have is the present moment when you have every power to change or do something that will trigger that change of whatever you are not happy with.

Going back to the very title of this post, “Living the Life Worth Living”, How do I perceive it?
– it is to know where your true passion lies and go for it,
it is to know yourself and know what you love to do and where you can bring your biggest contribution and do it ~
– it is to be able to help the world with your own actions and through whatever you do, 
– it is to be able to inspire others to do something that will contribute to the positive changes in the world and by doing this…live your legacy,
– it is when at the end of the road you will not regret not doing or trying something you truly wanted to. 
– it is when at the end of the road you will be able to say “It has been quite a ride and I am happy to have done this much and gone this far” ~

Now, you may be wondering how the things I just talked about and the “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker are connected. Well, the life that he led inspired me to write this post. He was truly passionate about what he was doing. And it is not only racing cars and being Fast and Furious in his life (which without any doubt was the love of his life), but also reaching out the world and trying to make it a better place, through helping those who suffered from natural disasters including the one in Philippines back in 2013. Through raising awareness, settling the charity “Reaching Out Worldwide” he did what he could have to help the ones in need. He was also bringing his contribution to protecting the natural world, in particular the marine life. All those actions were able to inspire others to show love and do actions of kindness, and through this he managed to live the legacy that is to be remembered by millions today. And whether it was coincidence or not, “reaching out” charity and his passion and love for speed were the last things he did along his “Last Ride”.

Life is what you make it. Make your life truly worth living when you still have this chance ~

Full of Inspiration,

paul walker
**This is a photo of Paul Walker on his life journey ~

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