“The World Around You”

Way too often people complain about the world around them – it is too cruel, or it is too indifferent, or it is selfish, or it is too difficult or it is too unfair. Sorry for being so dramatic, but this happens all around us and I am sure every now and then you hear this kind of “remarks” around you. It could be that sometimes we are the ones making those remarks. However, if we look deeper in this kind of perception, it sounds like we are expecting that the world owes us something and we are disappointed and upset with something that didn’t meet our expectations. But the truth is that no one owes us anything, hence, the world offers us a number of experiences and opportunities as we go along, and depending on whether we take them or let them pass us by, we get this or that outcome. Someone said once that “you create your reality as you go along“, and I tend to agree with these words. Everything has its own cause and effect, it is the eternal never changing fact. Whatever the choice and the decision you make, it will result in the subsequent outcome, which will eventually contribute to the reality you are surrounded by at the moment. It is not necessarily the very last decision you made or the recent event that occurred in your life that shaped the current state of conditions. However, looking back, you can connect the dots and trace a clear line that led you to where you are at the moment – where you live, how you live, the people you have in your life, whether they are bringing you up or pulling you down, the job you do and whether it contributes to your development and growth, or just makes you feel that you are wasting your time and efforts. All this and more is the effect of those decisions you took in the past and how you dealt with the subsequent circumstances. Do you feel like changing what you have and see around you, then be strong and confident enough to take a step in the direction of a change, and you will see how this will result in a curved line that will begin to appear. Stepping away from the people who are bringing you down and keeping your positive spirit will result in meeting like minded people, as the negative ones will not be able to tolerate your optimistic attitude. Or, just the opposite, they will start getting more positive. You don’t feel comfortable with the job you have, then make the step that will take you a little bit closer to what you really love doing. We live only once as they say, the time doesn’t stand still and it is limited – we don’t have this luxury to waste it on something or someone that is making us nothing more but miserable and unsatisfied with the present conditions. All of us deserve to be happy, so take an action to achieve this happiness. No one owes you anything, and if you just let it be, then you will end up floating on the waves of the society’s dogma, which is the result of acting according to what other people think and believe to be true.
Now, what about a more global perspective, some may ask. Like for example, yes, you can change what you have in your life and get something better or worse (again, depending on your very own actions), but what about the issues on a bigger scale, like, let’s say, lack of peace in the world? I’ll tell you what, start with your own world again. Do you live in peace with yourself and others? Do your decisions, actions result  in planting the seed of peace and harmony or, on the contrary, disturbance, injustice, neglect or cruelty?… The other day I had a small chat with someone who happened to be a Vegetarian Cook. He was asked a question – “How and when did you become a vegetarian?” His answer was simple, yet quite meaningful. “After I graduated from high school“, he said, “I realized that the world is far from being a fairy-tale and dream-like place. Many people are absolutely indifferent and could care less about you, compassion is zero, and there seem to be never-ending wars.” And then, he continues, he asked himself a question, “If I want to contribute to the world being in peace in harmony, then why do I need to destroy and kill something(meaning animals) in order to be able to have my meal, when there are so many other (not causing harm to anyone) food options  available in order to survive and stay healthy?” There came a moment of silence in the room, and as they say, “Silence means agreement”. And if not agreement, then definitely that kind of answer brought some food for thought. ~Start with yourself. Doesn’t matter that there are more than 7 billion people on this planet and you think that nothing will change just because you changed. Yes, it will change, as you change the world around you by your actions which eventually affect those people around you and they, in their turn, affect the world around them, and this is how the big changes are happening. It might take time, it always takes time, and this is why you don’t need to waste it when you can really bring in some change. Even if it is just making someone smile today – lifting up when they were down, giving some encouragement or just making this person feel better. Show that compassion, kindness and care that reside within you.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ M. Gandhi

Full of Inspiration,


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