Journey of Self-Discovery or Self-Creation?

Many of us, or at least some of us would agree that the journey called Life could be a tricky one and it is definitely far from being easily figured out and straightforward route. While some people say that life itself is a process of finding themselves, or in other words, discovering themselves and what they are good at, others (mostly the new age thinking adherents) believe that life revolves around the process of creating themselves. Obviously, there could be other ideas as well. As they say, as many people there are, that many opinions there could be.
I would like to look deeper now into both of those types. Why not start with what they call the journey of self-discovery? From the moment we were born, we embarked on the road of learning, getting to know things and people, making mistakes, falling down and getting up again, failing and succeeding. We all remember how many times we were either failing in something, or making mistakes. However, and even though we might have been frustrated and disappointed, we can’t deny the fact of learning along with those bitter feelings. The knowledge or realization that came to you just because you made that particular choice, is called learning. How else can learning be defined? Simply – finding out something new, or discovering something new for yourself. Things like going to school, college, university, work, attending different events, trying different things – all of them contribute to our learning, not only about the world around us, but about ourselves. Like this we eventually realize what we are good at and what we are not. It comes down to the fact of discovering that potential that each and every one of us has. And it is already completely up to us, whether we follow and work on that potential or we choose to ignore it and move in the so-called typical routine-like paradigm. But it is inevitable that at this or that point you realize “ Oh, I am actually good at it and this is what I really enjoy doing”. The problem is that more often than not, we kind of suppress that new revelation about ourselves and we find a dozen reasons for it – I am already doing something else, or I am quite busy, or it is not going to bring any benefits or profit, or it is too difficult to start from scratch something else, or simply because of feeling lazy, or …, or …, or … and the list goes on. Those however, who choose to follow what they found they are good at and what they love to do most, later say they eventually found themselves.
What about creating yourself? How does that work? Well, it all comes from the more general and bigger idea and that is “You are actually able to attract stuff”. You are attracting on the permanent basis – with your thoughts and with your actions. You might have heard the expression  – “what you think about, comes about”. Say, if you are negative and are in a not very happy mood and keep complaining about things, and even worse, feeling sorry for yourself, then don’t be surprised that things don’t change, or they don’t work out and it just gets worse and worse – one case of negative situations or circumstances or negative people after another, it is like a snowball effect. And here one can clearly say that with your own thoughts and actions you have attracted, thus created whatever you are struggling / dealing with in your life now.
Look at the other side. Say, you are trying to keep the positive spirit and see the good side of everything whatever comes your way. You refuse to see the negative and refuse to succumb to that rather pessimistic and depressed state of mind. In that case you notice that things are just getting better, “it flows” as they say, and you feel you are heading in the right direction. It is either you start meeting people who make you feel better or help you in this or that way, or all the surrounding circumstances eventually contribute to realization of something you were aspiring to do or to become. In this case, can you say that you have created all this by yourself? Well, if due to your never-ending positive spirit, particular goals and dreams that you refused to give up you have attracted all the necessary tools to make them come into reality, then it can be referred as the process of creation. For if you happened to have a completely opposite mindset, it would have been very unlikely that all of the above goals and aspirations would have been realized. More likely, you would be facing a different reality now, and in this case there is no one to blame but yourself, for after all, you were the one to create it around you. You are responsible for your life, and only you. And what you decide to do with it and how to manage it, it is the product of your own choice. Even when some people say that others decide for them what to do, well, I’d say – you were the one who chose to let them decide what you should do and you were the one who chose to follow their decisions. Simple.
This is quite a debatable topic and could go and on, whether you discover yourself or you create yourself along the way. But the bottom line is that in both cases you are the one who takes charge of your life – with your own actions, perception, attitude. Whether you discover yourself – in that case, have the courage to keep searching for what really makes you happy and you are good at, once you find – stick to it. Or in case of self creation – have the courage to have goals, dreams and aspirations in your life and follow them. Decide what you want to be and then go in that direction.  It’s worth remembering though, that depending on your own perseverance and positive / negative attitude, you will end up having a particular result respectively.
I am going to finish this post by sharing something I heard the other day. And the point is this. All whatever you say you have attracted – has always been there, both positive and negative. But what happens in reality, with your positive or negative state of mind and the way you perceive things, has a clear impact on what you eventually notice and which things you pay attention to (positive / negative). Whatever you see and notice – matches your particular current attitude. Well, this is what can be called rational perception of reality, and this point deserves a credit. However, I’d say that you create the presence of those things in your life, and you create it with your own attitude.
2014-02-04 22.53.24
~ Alena
P.S. Feel free to engage in this topic by expressing what you think in terms of whether we travel through life discovering ourselves or creating ourselves. 

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