Is feeling down a sign to change something in your life?


I am sure all of us are experiencing all those sorts of feelings and emotions like happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, excitement and list can go on and on. If to look at the bigger picture – there are only two kinds of feelings – positive or negative, and then under the umbrella of each of them we could list the whole number of particular feelings. Feelings are normally there to let us know how we are doing on a deeper level of our existence. I mean, all kinds of circumstances may happen to us, but the way we label them “good” or “bad” is totally a reflection of how are we are feeling about them.

Ever wondered why can’t we always feel good? Why do we face disappointment and frustration and cannot stay in the constant bliss and happiness? If consider the theory of the law of attraction – depending on how we feel, we are attracting particular circumstances into our life that are associated with positive or negative. And if we are aware of this huge power of our feelings, how come we still let us experience negative feelings? Well, I’d say one of the reasons for that could be the contrast. And here is what I mean by that. We cannot understand the good without the bad. It is hard to say how happy you are without knowing what it means to be unhappy, or in other words, miserable. And the true knowing comes only from your own experience. It basically comes down to reminding ourselves of how important it is to appreciate what we have. As they say, we don’t know what we have until we lose it. 

Another reason that I personally stick to and try to keep in mind whenever I feel down, is that those negative feelings are there to let us know that something is not going right and you need to change something in your life, whether it could some minor changes, or it could become some really drastic change. Here I would like you to ask yourselves a question and give an answer to it –
What is the ultimate goal of us living in this world?” 
I tend to think that we are here to be happy. Think about this for a moment. Whatever you do – you do hoping to become happy , right? Whether it is the job that you want to get or change, or succeed in that particular project, or travel the world, or meet this or that person, or accomplish that dream of yours – whatever it is, the basic reason why you want it is because in your imagination obtaining / reaching that one will contribute to your happiness.
Well, in reality what happens is that you get something that you have been willing to get for so long, and then you feel like this hasn’t brought you that happiness you have been longing for. And then you want something else, something bigger or better. Well, this is all then proves the fact that we are all striving for happiness. We don’t put our effort to achieve something so that it will make us miserable, do we? Of course, it may happen as an outcome, but while we are trying to achieve it – certainly it is the desire of being happy that drives us. In this case then, we all share one broad direction called “The Way to Happiness“. Of course the paths could be all different and the pace we are walking at can differ as well, but all of us want to be happy. So is there a possibility that you may step away from that direction, and kind of get a bit lost and take the wrong direction? For sure there is that possibility, for it wouldn’t be as challenging. And if that’s the case, how do we know that we stepped off our primary direction.
This is where the feelings come into place. As I mentioned earlier, there are two kinds of them – positive and negative – that’s it, no big deal. And when are you feeling good, when you are happy or sad? I’d say, in 99.9% percent of the time that would be being happy. In the meantime, you are experiencing negative feelings when you are not happy whatsoever. Whether it is being annoyed, or mad at someone or something, or irritated – surely, being happy you won’t even waste your energy on feeling those feelings. So what does it tell us? Basically, that you have turned out to be going in the direction to misery instead of happiness. And you know it well enough, don’t even need to wonder and think any longer, just pay attention to how you feel. And then you will know that this ain’t right, something has to change so that you will feel good, and will get back to your path to happiness again. It could be that you need to change the way you look at a particular situation, or you might want to stop surrounding yourself with people who bring up those negative feelings within you, or you might want to quit that job that makes you nothing but annoyed and miserable in the long run, or you might just need to change yourself a bit, for example, work on being more patient and tolerant?.. There could be a thousand and one ways to make a change in your life. And there is no need to blame others for anything that can go wrong with you, it is you and only you who allows it to affect you and your life in the long run.

So, is feeling down a sign to change something in your life? – I’d say “Yes, it is”, and instead of focusing on how bad and disappointing things are, do something to change it, and get back on the road that leads you to happiness. After all, that’s what we are here for, isn’t it?
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2 thoughts on “Is feeling down a sign to change something in your life?

  1. “So, is feeling down a sign to change something in your life? – I’d say “Yes, it is”, and instead of focusing on how bad and disappointing things are, do something to change it, and get back on the road that leads you to happiness.” – golden words, my darling. This should become a motto of my current life, no doubt!

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