The land of the long white cloud…

Imagine the country of absolutely incredible and diverse natural beauty that involves in its scenery everything thought as natural paradise – stunning mountains, hilly pasture lands, picturesque fiords, icy glaciers, crystal clear lakes and rivers, geysers and even some active volcanic areas. It is not to mention some exotic flightless birds like Kiwi. It is no wonder that this country has become the set for Lord of the Rings movies. Truly paradise no matter what your nature preferences are, and in fact, this country is even referred to as “Paradise of the Pacific”…New Zealand…

Like many of us, I used to think of New Zealand as the place somewhere out of reach. Being born and raised 17 170 km away from the Kiwi Land (as the also call New Zealand) in Belarus, I would pretty much only hear of New Zealand in Geography classes and would imagine this place as somewhere on the other side of the Earth, where most likely, I would never even go to, not even close. After all, this is the farthest country of all from Belarus. However, having traveled around the world, I came to realize that such thing as distance does not even matter anymore, at least not to me. And there I was, going over to NZ and exploring this mysterious country.
“The land of the long white cloud” – this is the way it is translated from the native Maori language and it truly fits this name. One of the first things I noticed when I came there was how blindly white and unusually for me low and long the clouds were floating through the sky. It was just stunning making me unable to just stop staring at them.
NZ consists of two main islands – North and South islands as well as a number of small islands scattered through the South Pacific Ocean. Even though they are all worth of visiting and enjoying, I would definitely recommend spending a good deal of time exploring the south island, which particularly stands out for its Fiords and Glaciers….
I was lucky, I had a chance to travel around both islands and in different ways. Around the North island it was mainly by local buses and staying with local hosts. It was incredible as there I got a chance to learn more about the true Kiwi culture and spirit. In the South Island I was into the wild. Me and my cotraveller were exploring the whole west coast of the island by camper-van. Nothing could be better than that if you really want to get close to the nature and feel its breathtaking beauty…
New Zealand has often been called “God’s own country”. Well, having seen it and climbed to the top of some mountains, walked through the ancient glaciers, jumped with the parachute at 12000 feet above one of the most magnificent places surrounded by mountains and the lake, sneaking into the stunning Milford Sound Fiord…i can definitely say that this country has been granted a special place on our magnificent planet.
This experience is too intense and diverse that clearly it is not enough to put all the impressions in one post. I will further introduce you to each amazing place worth visiting and knowing of in New Zealand, and now there is just a glimpse of the travels around the “land of the long white cloud”

I used to have a picture with this view on my vision board…It’s Queenstown in the South Island in New Zealand. Once I actually got to that same spot, I was overwhelmed with feelings. You’ve gotta dream it first in order to make it come true in your life


Exploring Abel Tasman by kayaking is probably one of the best ways to enjoy that magnificent nature
This amazing winding road gives you a pure pleasure of driving through revealing incredible sights
I must have stopped tons of times along the drive in order to capture those amazing spots
Lake Rotorua…can this background be described anything by stunning?
Those vast valleys…as if everything is to just yourself
The land of long white cloud…the Maori couldn’t be more right
Milford sound in its best view
Up in the mountains in the South island
I have never had a better breakfast and a better location for having it
My best friends along the trip in NZ – the cows 🙂
The other group of newly made best friends – the sheep 🙂
Anyone would like to go closer to that “Champagne lake” with geothermal activity? The famous Rotorua in the North island
Looking for the Hobbits 🙂
Franz Josef Glacier. Unfortunately with every year passing by it is getting smaller with the ice melting

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