Rio, Rio, never mind the weather ~

Visiting Rio has always been my dream. When I start thinking why it ever became my dream, well…here is the list:
– distance (for me personally): the farther it is, the more exotic and interesting it gets;
– it’s on the ear because of the carnival, world cup and soap operas;
– one of the new World wonders is there – Cristo Redentor statue
I always knew that I would go and visit this city and one day I just said to myself that there was no point in waiting and procrastinating, just go. I quit the job and went on an epic trip to South America without planning anything at all. Seriously. Except for visas. I usually know which countries I can go to without any visas and which countries I am supposed to have a visa beforehand. So I figured that while in South America, I would definitely go to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and finally Ecuador. I really wanted to visit Colombia as well and thought that I would arrange all the paperwork once being in South America. So, that was the maximum plan I made.
June 6, 2016 – 06.06.16, the date of my flight,and as you can see there is something about the numbers. And as usual, people like to blow up things to the unimaginable just like it happened before year of 2000. “The end of the world was coming”, – they were saying. So now, about 06.06.2016, you would see stuff on the Internet like the Devil date, etc. And I gotta tell you that it even got into my mind for a second. OK, a few seconds maybe. I told my boyfriend jokingly ‘Well, I guess if I never land in Brazil, you’ll probably know why”. Anyway, I flew to Rio on June 6th and that was one of the most comfortable and quickest flights I have ever taken.

First it was with one of the best airlines to my mind, and second, the anticipation of going to Brazil just kept me so excited that I could care less about the idea of the date I was flying on and the distance I had to travel.

And here I am, on the flight across the Atlantic, on the way to the continent I have never been to!










I had only a few days to spend in Rio and 2 weeks overall in Brazil as I had to enter Argentina before June 20. Remember what I said about visa thing? Well, this is what I very often gotta deal with in my travels.
So, 3 days in Rio! Wo-hoo!
The weather was super welcoming, and that’s me being sarcastic here as it actually was gloomy and rainy all the time except for one day 🙂 What to say – such was the season 🙂


Considering the limited amount of days on our hands, and believing that the rain is not the reason to stop doing something you really wanted to, we went for a walk.
Copacabana was quite empty and tranquil compare to the high season time. But it gave us its own beauty without any hustle and crowd.



The transportation system in Rio is not bad – subway and buses, and the time I was there they even launched street cars! The first day you could just take a ride and it would be free of charge. No wonder they were crowded. The new launch was also in preparation for the Olympics 2016.


Very easy to get around!


We did get a chance to visit a couple of museums like Museo de Amanha and Museo de Arte. After all, the rainy weather was perfect for this type of cultural activities.



The highlight of the stay was the one sunny day and visiting the statue of Cristo Redentor. The famous sight and grand view opening up from the mountain are priceless.
You would normally need to take a sort of tour, and the take you from Copacabana straight to the statue and get you back.

img_5410    img_5420

Now, one thing important to remember is that the earlier you get there, the better it is. Well, this is typical for any popular world sight, but this one in particular has a small area to walk around the statue, so the later you get to the top, the more the chance is that you will be squeezing yourself to any available spot to just try to get a glimpse of the Cristo Redentor.


But the view from Corcovado is truly gorgeous.


img_5517    img_5550
We did get a chance to walk around the Botanical garden in Rio, pretty big I gotta say, with lots of giant palms and from there you can get a cool view of Corcovado, although the statue will appear quite small.

img_5654  img_5628
You may have heard that Rio is a dangerous place and one has to be very cautious while visiting there. Caution of course is never bad, but again, make sure you don’t get too paranoid about the safety there. We were absolutely fine, walking around in the central area, in the Copacabana area, and even during the night time.

img_5230  img_5197

Obviously we would not flash the iphones here and there, that would rather be reckless, however still managed to take pictures with them.
Now, I wanted to have a look at some favelas, however, that would definitely be the place where you should think twice before visiting. And I remember we waited till the very last day in Rio when we wanted to go there, and also because that was a sunny day, and we got stuck in the traffic. When finally getting some taxi we asked the taxi driver to take us there, I don’t remember now the particular name, to which he looked at us with a stunned expression of the face and refused to take us there. I guess he knew better, but also it was getting late, around 4 pm, so that was not even a good idea to try to do something there. I heard though that there are a number of tours organized with a pick up from the hotels or meeting points and then the local experienced guide would take you to one of the few favelas, presumably, the safest one.

Rio is the place to truly experience in summer time,and that would include carnivals as well. So I did make sure I left out a few places to explore next time I am visiting the city of one of the world wonders. img_5737


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