Travel around Brazil and why Paraty is worth a visit

As I had only a couple of weeks to travel in Brazil (during my first visit there), I wanted to make sure that time would be as productive as possible. So the plan was to follow this route – Rio – Paraty – Sao Paolo – Florianapolis – Foz do Iguazu. Having spent a few days in Rio, we were ready to go further to Paraty. I have to admit that the transportation system in Brazil and overall in most countries in South America is pretty good. Most of the time I got around by buses that are super comfortable. And this time we took a bus from Rio to Paraty.

img_5778  img_5776


Arrived there late at night, but since I booked the place close to the bus station, we weren’t even worried that we had to find our way to the hotel. Again, you always want to be cautious, especially at the places where you know safety should be paid particular attention to. The hotel we stayed at was really nice – Pousada Palmeira Imperial. Very close to the historical center and the bus station and quite good facilities at the hotel.

I also use this super cool app – and it has been an incredible help for me throughout my trips. It is an offline map, all you need to do is download the map of the city you are going to be in, and do it while you still have internet connection. It is always up to date and you can use it anytime regardless your internet connection.

In Paraty we had a couple of days to spare and this small town surrounded by mountains is definitely worth visiting.


Cobbled narrow streets and 17th-18th century buildings of the colonial center will not leave you indifferent. I spent hours walking around the town, just admiring the architecture, hearing horse carriages every now and then and imagining what things were like a few hundred years ago.






But Paraty is not only famous for these romance inspiring streets. There are also a number of villages in the area offering beaches that will leave you in awe. If you have time on your hands, then of course renting a car will be your best bet. In our case, we didn’t have a luxury of time, so instead opted for a tour to one of the most beautiful places – Trindade in Paraty where you can enjoy the wilderness and beach – Praia Cachadaco, and feel like you are the only one there, as the beach even appears to be deserted during the off season time.



We took a long walk through some woods and then spent a couple of hours on the beach, and the water. The waves were at times wild indeed.



The drive from Trindade to Paraty is very scenic, so make sure to take a good seat so you can take some great shots of the natural views opening up to you.

The sunset time in Paraty can gift you with some amazing moments as right outside the town there is a beautiful waterfront, and in my opinion, when there is an opportunity to see the sun reflection in the water, it makes it so much more special. 



I was also lucky to some extent as it had rained before and there were still a few puddles here, and that was the place where I especially enjoyed taking pictures~


You may find plenty of restaurants in town, and in the evening they all get lit up and music is playing all over the place. Simply wonderful atmosphere. 



Love to discover those placec where you would want to go back over again ~



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