You only live o n c e

Is there anything that inspires your heart? Something at the thought of which you smile and feel motivated? And very often you would think “I wish I could do it now… “ or “I wish I had a chance to do it”, etc…
This type of “I wish” thoughts, in fact, gives you nothing but self-pity the very next second after you get inspired. Most of people eventually fall into this pattern of thinking way faster than into a positive one. And it happens pretty much by default, especially when we are surrounded by those who would rather stick to the “normal, typical” life without standing out too much. According to that “normal life” thinking, life is hard, it is tough, things do not happen the way you would love them to, you have to struggle, and quite important, you have to fit in.

Well, let me share with you what I believe. All of us are born into this world in order to realize ourselves to the utmost potential. When we are kids, we have all sorts of dreams, we believe, we imagine and we speak like they are real without having any doubt that it can be any other way. That happens until our parents, relatives, friends – the ones who normally wish us well tell us “ok, enough dreaming, it’s not real, do something more meaningful”. For sure that might not be your story, but most of the time that is the case. And what happens next – we stop dreaming, we stop believing, because we just settle for the idea that it is not possible, there is no way. At times you may even find yourself being afraid to dream big as you have this subconscious voice whispering you that it can never happen with you, don’t waste your time. So what happens further to that utmost potential which you could have realized yourself to? Are you going to live or rather exist all this time given to you in this world until you get old and wise and sit all in regrets? Wise because you finally get one painful truth – you have wasted your time, precious time. Suddenly you remember when you were a free spirited kid, growing up with dreams and hopes, so full of passion for life, knowing that you have all your life ahead of you? And what happened then? You conformed to the way of thinking and behaving that doesn’t let you stand out, it just ensures you that you should have those things most people have and do. You have grown a fear in your heart, probably the most powerful opponent of love and freedom. It is that very fear that stops you from pursuing what you want or wanted, that brings all those “If” and “I wish” thoughts, that makes you come up with all possible excuses, and you know very well what they are in your case.

You know, I’ve always wanted to feel free in whatever I do. And I realized that the only way to truly feel free is to follow your heart. Follow your heart? Well, to me it is your intuition, your gut feeling, your sixth sense, you inner voice – that feeling following which you feel at ease, comfortable and in harmony with your own self. And I am sure that the so called dreams and inspired ideas that we all have every now and then come exactly from our heart. All you need to do is act on them and decide firmly that you are going to act on them. As Richard Branson once said “Screw it, just do it”.

One of the recent experiences and examples I wanted to share with you – I’d had this dream for a while, to travel on my own to the farthest places possible. Some of those places were New Zealand, South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Alaska in the US, etc. Of course, immediately I would hear (when I shared with others) discouraging reactions – “it must be too expensive”, or “it is dangerous to do all that on your own especially if you are a girl”, “it’s a waste of time and definitely money when you can invest it into some more down to earth idea”, “what are you going to do about your job”, “you should already think about settling down”, etc. You got the idea.

You know what? I am the only one responsible for my life and I surely take all the charge over making it heck of a happy ride. And the only way to do it – is to do what I want, what I like, what I have inspiration for and what I feel comfortable with. And this is what I call freedom, and this is what I call happiness. I don’t mean to say that there have never been moments I would feel down even when I would do what I love. Of course there have! But this is only for bringing contrast into life. You would never distinguish pleasant moments if there were no unhappy ones, right? The bottom line is that you know that you are there, on the road you have chosen, and that you are absolutely happy walking it. And you don’t need to see the end of it as long as you see the next few hundred feet.

Coming back to that dream of mine to do the epic trip – I had worked as much as I could have during some period of time –> saved up the minimum (remember it is never gonna be enough and there can always be more, don’t get sucked into this thinking, sometimes throwing caution to the wind works very well) and I went off. I didn’t do any research either, I would figure all my trip as I go, and this is the best thing, trust me! Planning and charting takes your freedom, in that case in traveling, away. The only rule I went by – do what feels right. And it has always paid off.

Whoever reaches the posts – my only purpose is to make you feel good – take steps if needed for it, but just whatever you do – be happy or work in that direction, as you live once, and it is way too short.



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